Mustard Seed Events & Design was launched in early 2013 by Emily Stripling and has since continued growing quietly yet steadily. We are a small Brooklyn-based company focused on event design and seamless coordination. 

Start to finish - beautifully realized.

Experience our love for love in many forms as you start your journey. . .

You'll notice it from the first meeting - we simply love what we do. Each detail is important, and the things that matter to you are paramount to our team. 

Emily Stripling, Owner and Founder

With a background in event production, in-house management, personal assisting, floral design, photography, styling, and wedding coordination, Emily brings a strong blend of creativity and organization to each project. Her many years of involvement in various administrative and production-related professions is enhanced by a creative background in dance, music, and floral design.

She is gifted in logistics planning and strongly desires to see events operate with a level of excellence that ultimately allows all goals to be met with style and grace.


Why the Mustard Seed?

The mustard seed is one of the smallest seeds, and as many gardeners know, it produces one of the strongest trees. This beautiful picture is not unlike the stories of our clients and their growing love, dreams, visions, and reasons to celebrate. Starting with something small, almost imperceptible, the seed produces long lasting strength and vitality. 

Germination in mustard seeds is neither complicated nor difficult, as they manage nicely on their own when sown properly...These tough, fast growing plants will sprout quite well when sown directly into your garden...