• why we matter

    In an online world so saturated with opinion, amazingly wise insight, gorgeous design, and every possible life moment documented in living color (and often, video), it's hard to imagine that our voice matters. What change will come about from one small post on a tiny website with a business still in startup phase? What credibility do we gain by posting or reposting someone else's interpretations of the day's trends? Do you all even notice when we have something to say?

    These questions have kept me quieter than I would like. And today, I'm deciding to say - it doesn't matter. 

    I matter.

    My company matters.

    Because not a single person in the whole world has the perspective that I do. While there may be other event designers and planners with a background similar, no one has my experience because we are all gloriously different. 

    My dance degree? It shapes my sense of rhythm, timing, detail, discipline, grace, and clean line aesthetic. My stage management resume? It taught me multitasking under pressure, clear and calm communication, and a good sense of control. My many days as a nanny? That taught me how to laugh and be silly, and how to prioritize safety, fun, and adventure. My days as a florist taught me the inner workings of the NY market, the language of flowers, how to care for the most delicate to the most pedestrian varieties, how to edit down the design to what really has impact, and how to deal with sharp deadlines and challenging logistics. And my days (and long nights) as an event planner for non-profit events? Well - that taught me endurance, patience, concise writing and editing skills, passion, and honesty.

    You see, no one has my voice. And just like the smallest seed my company is named after, I have to trust in the process and know that things do, inevitably, grow. Hopefully, into something that remains. I'm bringing everything I know and every instinct I have together to create beauty because that's how I was created. It's not up to me to conquer the blogosphere in one show-stopping post that tells you how to have a perfectly bohemian-chic-vintage-modern life while also solving world hunger. What I do have to do, though, is add my voice. 

    You matter - your vision matters - your passion matters. And every step along the way toward whatever goal is currently in front of you, is precious. 

    Join me for the journey? Because I'd love to have a part in yours, too. 

    And thank you - for listening and encouraging and cheering me on because that is more valuable than you know. 

  • TREND TOPIC | they all wore white

    We can thank Queen Victoria for making a white wedding dress the thing to wear on The Day (wedding photos showcasing her in a white lace gown inspired brides to don the color that later came to signify purity and bridal beauty, and the trend stuck). But after decades of matchy-matchy navy, plum, grey, emerald, and glittery dresses - and everything in between - we're sure intrigued about last year's major show of white or ivory bridesmaids dresses, that seems to have carried over into 2016. As 'non-traditional' as that concept may seem, it actually can work beautifully to create a serenely beautiful aesthetic that draws the small details of hair, flowers, and design to the forefront of your guests' attention.

    If you're taking the plunge into a palatte of creamy whites or beautiful neutrals, here's our advice - make sure that you (the bride) stand out. Have your attendants in short dresses if yours is long...or all-lace if yours is simple...or swingy chiffon when you're in a structured gown. Of course you'll have your big moment when you walk down the aisle, but you should also draw the eye when standing next to your gals throughout the day. There's nothing we cringe at more than a photo of a bride in the middle of her party, and we can't tell who is the bride! While the tradition of placing identically-clad maids next to the bride to confuse evil spirits who have it out for the newlywed may be charming in an 1800s solidarity sisters, YAYA! kind of way, resist the urge to go for total uniformity. 

    As anyone who has ever painted a room "white" can attest to, there are about a million different shades. Coordinate yours with your design details and your environment! A woodsy wedding might call for a creamy ivory white or one with a warmer yellowy tint, especially if your guy's friends are wearing grey or camel. If you're getting married on a beach in the daytime, bright white may seem tempting but can end up blinding your guests and causing everyone to squint just to look at the bridal party. Soft ecru might be a better choice - or something with a blush or blue undertone to reflect your tropical surroundings.

    And here's a tip from yours truly, a member of the delicate group of freckled fair-skinned ladies of the world - make sure that your maids have plenty of preparation in mind for sunscreen or tanning...tan lines or burn marks will only stand out against a pale dress all the more.

    So start planning now - sift through endless neutral tones, don't forget to honor the opinions of relatives and friends (they're sure to come) who feel that white is for brides only...say a silent thank you to Queen Victoria and throw an all-white affair to remember.


    Rachel Moore Photography | M&J Photography | Andrew Mark Photography | Honey Honey Photography | O'Malley Photographers

  • WEDDINGS | Billie & Jared's Organic Moroccan Celebration

    On a brisk Autumn weekend, Billie and Jared gathered to celebrate their love surrounded by friends, family, and loads of creativity! It was a gorgeous combination of dedicated vendors, heartfelt DIY elements, and a stunning couple who radiated joy.

    We began working with Billie and Jared about 5 months prior to their big day, and helped them finalize the details for what was already an expertly-planned aesthetic design. Billie, who works at NYU in Alumni Relations, and Jared, an attorney, worked together to create the overall design including a custom Mandala-themed graphic suite for their save-the-dates and invitations. Their creative idea to meld an organic feel with this Moroccan influence became our inspiration for their Hudson Valley jewel-toned wedding.

    The weekend served up an unexpected twist with the weather forecast, which predicted a hurricane and introduced a drastic temperature drop! The bride purchased wellies, we had a jumbo clear umbrella on-hand for photos, and we sourced jewel-toned pashmina wraps for the ladies to use during the outdoor ceremony. Thankfully, the rain held off and the added tent above the ceremony site provided extra warmth for guests without blocking the magnificent view of the Hudson River.

    Billie and her girls got ready and took photos at the welcoming and serene Bodhi Holistic Spa in Hudson, NY, while Jared donned his incredible custom eggplant suit at the Ca'Mea Inn. Wedding guests relaxed at their B&B's - all arranged by the bride herself throughout Hudson - and were later transported to the wedding location by school bus, a funky and whimsical choice that also alleviated any concerns about navigation or parking!

    The sprawling grounds of eighteenth-century Hudson River property, the Clermont State Historic Site, were a picturesque backdrop for the day's events. Once Billie and Jared had their first look in the Walled Garden, they took a walk around the grounds taking portraits before the afternoon ceremony. The bride's young cousins played piano and violin with Guitarist David Temple, as guests sipped on hot cider and elderflower fizz, waiting excitedly for the festivities to begin.

    A heartfelt ceremony was officiated by Rev. Jude Smith, and included personal elements such as the Bride and Groom escorted by their parents, proceeding together to meet under the arbor built by Billie's father and uncle, the Maid of Honor & Best Man opening the ceremony by playing a beautiful singing bowl, and a traditional Celtic Handfasting ceremony, during which the couple's close relatives and friends wrapped their hands together with symbolically-colored cords. After the ceremony, Billie and Jared signed their Marriage Mandala, a personal take on the traditional ketubah, on the porch of the historic mansion before gathering for family photos.

    Following a cocktail hour featuring lawn games, docent-led tours of the mansion, and delicious signature cocktails and passed hors d'oeuvres, guests were ushered inside a heated tent that glowed with warmth lights and beautiful design choices. Navy linens were topped by unique doilies that Billie's grandmother crocheted especially for the occasion, table numbers designed by the bride and groom, and lanterns & mercury glass vases overflowing with dahlias, roses, and seeded eucalyptus. Tucked into the corner of the tent was a lounge area featuring antique family photos, colorful pillows, and sparkling lanterns to invoke a cozy and inviting feel which was exactly opposite of the chilly temperatures outside!

    First dances and heartwarming toasts by the newlyweds' parents and Best Man & Maid of Honor were followed by a Tequila Toast, as the Bride and Groom joined their guests in dancing the night away and feasting on a sumptuous menu of Middle Eastern fare. The dessert table featured miniature cakes and the stunningly colorful wedding cake, and guests partied well into the evening before being transported back to Hudson - once again, by school bus. It was a full and beautiful evening, with the one constant image in everyone's mind the next day being that of the smitten groom and his glowing bride who never stopped smiling through the entire night.

    A strong message of family and creativity, a cohesive aesthetic, and the couple's adoring love were what made this day so special, and we wish all the best to this amazing Bride and Groom.

    For the full gallery, click HERE.

    Images by: Peter Demuth Photography


    Peter Demuth Photography | Clermont State Historic Site | Jeff Loshinsky Catering | Guitarist David Temple | Columbia Tent | SEH Entertainment | Rev. Jude Smith, Hudson Valley Weddings

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    We couldn't be happier to welcome you to our brand new blog. It's an exciting day and we hope you're excited too! Share our information with your friends, family, and anyone in need of highly personalized, over-the-top organized, in-love-with-love Design or Coordination services. Need to send a link? Use www.mustardseeded.com/contact. And in the meantime, stay tuned for musings from me, the founder and beginner blogger.

    Welcome, and stay tuned for many exciting things to come!

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