• why we matter

    In an online world so saturated with opinion, amazingly wise insight, gorgeous design, and every possible life moment documented in living color (and often, video), it's hard to imagine that our voice matters. What change will come about from one small post on a tiny website with a business still in startup phase? What credibility do we gain by posting or reposting someone else's interpretations of the day's trends? Do you all even notice when we have something to say?

    These questions have kept me quieter than I would like. And today, I'm deciding to say - it doesn't matter. 

    I matter.

    My company matters.

    Because not a single person in the whole world has the perspective that I do. While there may be other event designers and planners with a background similar, no one has my experience because we are all gloriously different. 

    My dance degree? It shapes my sense of rhythm, timing, detail, discipline, grace, and clean line aesthetic. My stage management resume? It taught me multitasking under pressure, clear and calm communication, and a good sense of control. My many days as a nanny? That taught me how to laugh and be silly, and how to prioritize safety, fun, and adventure. My days as a florist taught me the inner workings of the NY market, the language of flowers, how to care for the most delicate to the most pedestrian varieties, how to edit down the design to what really has impact, and how to deal with sharp deadlines and challenging logistics. And my days (and long nights) as an event planner for non-profit events? Well - that taught me endurance, patience, concise writing and editing skills, passion, and honesty.

    You see, no one has my voice. And just like the smallest seed my company is named after, I have to trust in the process and know that things do, inevitably, grow. Hopefully, into something that remains. I'm bringing everything I know and every instinct I have together to create beauty because that's how I was created. It's not up to me to conquer the blogosphere in one show-stopping post that tells you how to have a perfectly bohemian-chic-vintage-modern life while also solving world hunger. What I do have to do, though, is add my voice. 

    You matter - your vision matters - your passion matters. And every step along the way toward whatever goal is currently in front of you, is precious. 

    Join me for the journey? Because I'd love to have a part in yours, too. 

    And thank you - for listening and encouraging and cheering me on because that is more valuable than you know.